Our  yard is coming in! It’s a little patchy, but it’s definitely on its way.

S and I spent hours planning and working on this little soon-to-be-grass patch. We shoveled, we raked, we planted. We pulled weeds, we moved rocks, we watered. We have stared at the muddy ground every day for weeks, looking and looking for little green sprouts.

S looked at me and said, “You know, I never thought I would care this much about a yard.”

It’s interesting how taking on a different role, stepping into a commitment, changes our priorities.
I had never really noticed how people decorated houses before. I’d never given anyone’s yard a second thought. But now that I have a house and a potential yard, I suddenly care.

Someone once told me that we are the sum of every decision we’ve ever made.
I’ve been pondering that statement for the last 5 years.

Every choice we make affects more than just a single situation.
In 2008 I put purple streaks in my hair. That decision literally led to my marriage 5 years later through a wildly unexpected chain of events that had never even crossed my mind when I just wanted daring hair. And if you had told me that the hairstyle I wanted in 2008 would cause me to eventually move to Tennessee and start caring about grass, I would have thought you were crazy. Really crazy.

That one small choice led to a lot of bigger choices. The choices I made changed who I was, one decision at a time.

Where are your choices leading you?

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