(My new living room picture wall)

So I’ve decided to start decorating. I’m very happy with all the pictures I’ve hung on the walls.
Partly because I accomplished something, but mostly because they are physical reminders of happy times.

There are a lot of things I’m not good at. Arguably, I’m not really that great at interior design. But I’ve started to make an effort. I’ve centered our house decorations around two things:
1) memories
2) dreams

The pictures on my wall right now are our professional engagement photos, our professional wedding photos, and a couple of shots from our honeymoon.

They remind me of celebrations.
They remind me of commitment.
They remind me of fun.

I love keeping things that remind me of something else. I have a notecard on my mirror that has a sweet note from S on it. I have another note from S that I keep in my writing bag, in which he specifically encourages my writing. I keep pictures on my phone, and scroll through them all the time.

Memories are powerful.
They show us where and who we’ve been. They also give us tools for today and a foundation for our future.

Even though our picture wall is new, I’ve had some pictures of S and I around the house. I look at them when we are in the middle of a…uh…tense discussion , and they remind me of our happiness, of our commitment, of how lucky I am to be with him, of how I chose him and us and this life, of how wonderful our life is.
(Because, seriously, I could not have imagined a more perfect, wonderful man, nor a better life.)

Our memories are important.

They help us understand where we are today, and who we are today.

I hope you keep your memories fresh. I hope you dwell on the positive memories. I hope you understand the importance of our pasts.
I hope you have things to remind you of your journey.

If you don’t love who and where you’ve been, I hope you spend a little more time in your memories.
There is beauty in them – all of them.

I hope you look back with grace.

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