Slow and Steady

Remember how I’m not so great with interior decorating? Well I’m finally coming around.

I’ve finally decided to be social and attempt to make friends. This means I’ve gone to a lot of people’s houses lately – which means I’ve been totally checking out their decor! I’ve also spent a lot of time in Pinterest gathering ideas.

After nearly a year of living in our little basement apartment, I suddenly woke up one day with ideas.

I have a few things to hang on the wall, like these signs from our wedding:



But I’m also lucky enough to have made friends with an artist! She’s let me borrow some of her work:




I’ve also decided we should probably hang up pictures of ourselves, since we have the frames and all:



I don’t really have a theme. Our house is mostly shades of beige, gold, and dark blue. I have a giant world map that should be delivered this week or next. S gave me this movie poster before we were even dating:



I’m the kind of person that needs to soak in information before I make a move. It takes me a minute to come to a conclusion; I like to know my options. But once I make that decision, I’ve made my decision. I don’t waffle or change my mind.
I am also an all-or-nothing person. I didn’t have any decorations, and within a week I have stuff on most walls – or something ordered to be hung soon.

I guess I just woke up one day and decided I wanted my house to be cuter.
So then, naturally, I made it cuter.

It’s nice to know my tendencies, to be aware of how my brain works. It makes it a lot easier to communicate to someone who is not like me (take S for example…).

Do you know how you think? Could you explain it to someone?
It’s important to understand our differences. Being aware of our strengths and patterns and tendencies allows us to appreciate others. It can also help end fights before they begin. When you have a grasp on those things, you can step back and assess how your thinking may be different from someone else’s – and how you can explain it to them.

Let’s take the time to appreciate and understand who we are and how we work.
It can only be beneficial.

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