(S working on clearing the land that will be this year’s out-of-the-hoop-house garden)

There is a ridiculous number of people who have things they really, really want to do, but don’t do it. It’s strange to me. A lot of them have even done research on it. They know exactly how they would go about doing it, or have little details figured out.
But they have no plan for getting from their current situation to accomplishing whatever it is they wanted to do.

It’s like they’re waiting for someone to give them a push, to ask them, “What are you waiting for?”

Travel plans don’t just book themselves. Classes to learn new skills don’t just appear in calendars.
We have to make a decision to prioritize them.

Budgets can be assessed. Money can be saved. Goals can be set. All we have to do is choose it.

If you have a special something you’ve been waiting to do, a travel location you’ve dreamed of visiting, or a hobby you’ve always wanted to take up, I ask you:


Make a plan! Make it happen! Stop waiting around!

No one lives your life but you.

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