One At A Time


(Katie peering out from her favorite seat in the kitchen – as window guard dog)

The last few weeks – ever since I accidentally ate gluten – I’ve been sick a lot. It seems that every little germ that has gone by has found my body a gracious host. Since Celiac’s Disease is an auto-immune disease, it would appear that my immune system has been shot.

It’s very frustrating to be sick all the time – despite vitamins and rest and eating well. Although I do feel lucky that I had forgotten what it’s like to be sick all the time.

Sweet S has done everything he can to help me and make me feel better. He’s done everything from picking up medicine and rubbing Vick’s on my back, to cleaning the kitchen and sweeping the floors.
I hate being stuck in bed or on the couch.

I’ve been forced to prioritize what needs to be done, and to take things one day, and one task, at a time.

As limiting as it’s been in many ways, it has been interesting to process things one little snippet at a time. I’ve had to take a mental inventory of all my body sensations: headache? Tired? Nauseous? Fever? After each action, I’ve had to assess my situation before making my decision of what to do next.

While it might not be the most effective way to tackle a to do list, it has been an interesting process. I hadn’t thought so much about the amount of energy each task requires, or the way fluids are distributed in the body when standing versus laying versus leaning into the dryer (bam- sudden runny nose!).

Everything we do requires something of us. Too often we look ahead at energy and time we need to devote to a different day, or a task we haven’t yet completed. However, right in front of us are a hundred tiny battles, a hundred little sacrifices, a hundred victories and processes and experiences.

Let’s not miss them with thoughts of what isn’t.

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