Snow Days


(S’s hot tea and some chopped chocolate)


(Making batter)


(Chocolate pancakes – made with gluten free flour)


(Hot chocolate)


(Rich chocolate pancakes)

20140129-132359.jpg(Our breakfast table. Those might be mimosas.)

In the last few days, our city has been shut down. Businesses closed, school canceled, general pandemonium.

This inch of snow has caused all sorts of plans to be rearranged. S has been out of school and work.

I’m a planner. I like things to be organized. I like when things go according to what I imagined. Sometimes, letting go of that can be hard.
We’ve found ourselves in the midst of a scheduling crisis. This week has been nothing like we thought it would be.

It’s brilliant.

Let’s not forget that when things don’t go the way we originally intended or had been counting on, it’s not a failure. Nothing is ruined.

It’s just a different opportunity.
(Possibly to include chocolate pancakes and mimosas, which could end up far better than the original plans)

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