(S working on his new bike)

Before we got married, S and I talked a lot about the importance of pursuing dreams. As individuals, we agreed that dreams are important. Not just having dreams, but moving toward making them a reality. When we were getting married, we promised to always support each other’s dreams.
We have chosen to make sacrifices for each other in order to make those dreams reality. One of the reasons we chose to live in Tennessee instead of Texas is because S is enrolled in school. He wants his degree. I support him.
When I wanted to work on my book and quit my job, S found a way to make that possible. He changed his school schedule around, rearranged his hours, and gave me the go-ahead. Now I work on my book and don’t have a job. He supports me.

One reason that we felt supporting dreams was important is because it encourages that person to be themselves.
S and I are different. A lot of our personal dreams and goals are different. He is not super excited to write a book right now. I don’t have a degree, nor do I feel particularly like I want one.
Yet when I encourage him toward his degree, I am encouraging him to live his life. I am encouraging him to be S. I am appreciating who he is.

It can be easy to disregard someone else’s dream – especially when it’s not something we want for ourselves. However, supporting each other toward achieving our dreams is important.
Even simple things can help a lot. Kind words. Not making them feel guilty. Expressing support verbally makes dream-chasing easier.

After all, wouldn’t you like it if someone encouraged you in chasing your dream?

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