Looking Ahead


(dried orchid bloom)

Happy New Year to my dear readers! My wish is that 2014 finds you full of hope.

I have always liked January. Everyone is focused on what is ahead. Talk of self-improvement is not tiring but encouraged.
Some people move from one year to the next with exhausted gladness, hoping that the year to come holds far better things than the year we’ve left behind. That’s okay too.

The last few years, my resolutions have found myself aiming at more and more openness in different areas of my life. Opening myself to adventure, to new relationships, to risk-taking – to a deeper level of honesty.

You see, I have found that honesty is more than just telling the truth when asked. It goes far deeper than that. Honesty is something of a lifestyle choice.

When we are not seeking our dreams, living with open hearts, enjoying the precious string of moments that make up our existence, we are not being honest with ourselves. What is life without this honesty? Don’t settle into the mundane. Life is an adventure, every part of it. We can’t afford to miss it.

My New Year’s Resolutions for 2014 are all little steps toward greater honesty and openness.
I hope you, too, find yourself stepping into a new year with a refreshed perspective.

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