Looking Back

2013 was an eventful year, to say the least.

I settled back into America and jumped into wedding planning with both feet.
(My mom went with me to a bridal show in January)


I was able to go to Tennessee to visit S for his birthday.
(S and I)


Up to my shoulders in wedding planning and preparing for the next chapter in life.
(Addressing wedding invitations)20131228-143420.jpgApril:
The wedding was all I thought about.
(My mom on the left and me on the right)


The wedding finally happened, and I moved to Tennessee.
(My parents, my sister and her husband, and S and I  the day after our wedding. The coordinating colors were unplanned)


(S and I as soon as the vows were said)


We went on our honeymoon and settled into our new life together.
(S and I in the airport)


We were so happy to finally be done with long distance, and to have all of boxes unpacked. We mostly just sat and smiled at each other because it was real life.
(S and I on our surprise picnic date)20131228-143840.jpg

S and I finally found some semblance of a routine in our new life. It became less and less weird that we lived in the same house. I also started this blog in August.
(S and I listening to some live music outside)20131228-143957.jpg

S saw a lot of bike wrecks in September, as the hobby was new and he didn’t have much previous experience. His school started back up, and we saw another change in our day-to-day schedule.
(S’s war wounds from bike riding)20131228-144053.jpg

October was a very busy month. The clothes swap happened, and S’s sister celebrated her birthday at the circus. Fall was in the air and I began to feel a shift coming.
(S and I at the circus)20131228-144206.jpg

I experienced a lot of stress in November, as I sorted through my decisions. I had to sit and ask myself what was important, what I really wanted. I made the move to quit my job two different times. The second time it stuck. S was excellent support.
(November trees)20131228-144331.jpg

I moved forward with my writing in leaps and bounds. S and I rearranged our budget, and I stepped out of my job.
(My book)20131228-144514.jpgEverything is still whirling, but it’s alright. 2013 felt like winding a spring tighter and tighter, getting ready to launch me into 2014 with force.

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