Have you ever noticed how life seems to move in a series of ‘themes’? It seems like 80% of your attention is always focused on one thing in particular, and the rest of your life just kind of moves along with it.

Some people call them seasons.
I call them bubbles.

For a long time I kind of thought of it as a bad thing. Like I’d been trapped in this bubble of [blank] and it sucked away all my time.

But I’ve come to see it as themed life lessons, if you will.
Life moves us from greenhouse to greenhouse, each section/season/bubble ideal for learning certain things. If you look back, you can see how you’ve matured in certain areas based on what was happening around you. Sometimes we pick those bubbles – like when we enroll in college, or choose to move to a new area, but sometimes we don’t. When bad things happen, we typically don’t pick those on purpose.

Thinking about season-greenhouse-bubbles gave me a different perspective. As humans, we tend to focus on the past or the future more than we live in the now. Developing a greater understanding of the importance of ‘bubbles’ helped me to release the past and stop panicking about the future, and to just look around me.

What bubble are you in? Have you ever thought about it?

We are always changing. Time and events and relationships and decisions change us. We are a little different than we were last week. Often, though, it seems we don’t take the time to consider how we are changing, or how we want to change.

Since I got married, I’ve been mostly in this bubble:

20131208-194042.jpg(S and I on our wedding day)

Aww yay happy people and love and sunshine and rainbows, right?

Marriage is new. Living together is new. I mean honestly – we weren’t even in the same state before we got married. Suddenly I was sharing a closet and washing dishes with this guy. Talk about a change.

I knew that was my bubble, and let me tell you: I was very, very happy to be in it. I’d been counting down the day until I could jump into that bubble. Literally.

I’ve been writing to y’all about chasing dreams, about feeling winds of change, about making big decisions.
My bubble is changing. I’m jumping tracks, switching seasons, taking a new direction. This bubble has been beautiful and wonderful and happy. I’m thankful for it.

What on earth is coming next?! Only time will tell.

I’ll keep you posted.

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