Bust A Move

If you are a regular reader, you probably remember my references a few weeks back to my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. Most of that madness was work-related. A mixture of promises that were not kept, and a particularly, ah, active and unhappy coworker made an increasingly miserable work environment.
With some gentle pushing and kind encouragement, I worked the next week to make right what I could of the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. I realized that going into work every day should not be like this:


So I turned in my two week’s notice on that Friday.
My boss was understandably shocked, since he had only partial knowledge of the previous week’s events, and I had not communicated my thoughts to him. He begged me to stay, asked me what he could change, and promised to fix it. I decided that out of fairness and respect, I would give him that chance.

Three weeks later, things were not better. In fact, things were arguably worse.

My book is almost, almost done, but I barely have time to write because I’m working so much. When I got the job, it was with the understanding that I would be working a certain number of hours per week. I work more than twice those hours per week – and I have been, for several months. I picked this job specifically to be able to work those hours, so that I would still have time to write.

S and I have been talking and planning for more than a month, and last Friday, I made a move. I turned in my two week’s notice again, told him there were no other options, and that was that. I quit.

Terrifying? Absolutely.
But you know what? I believe in chasing dreams. We have been planning and saving, and I can take some time to write and finish my book. I may have to get a different job in a month or two, and that’s okay. For now, we made a way for me to focus on the prize.

Don’t save all your changes and self-improvements for January 1st. There are things you can do next week to bring you one step closer to your dreams and goals.
Bust a move. I dare you.

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