Love Bugs

A couple of weeks ago, S, unprompted, took Katie to the bank with him while I was at work:



When I got home, she wouldn’t speak to me:



Whatever happened that day must have been a turning point for both of them. Katie has become more attached to S than ever before. She worries about him when he leaves, and she looks to him for cuddles now – even when I’m there. S has also been a lot more comfortable with her. It’s great to see my love bugs finally becoming family.

This year, Thanksgiving was different for me. Obviously. S and I had to work on Wednesday, and I had to work all day on Friday. S’s family went to Kentucky, but we weren’t able to go with them. We spent Thanksgiving day with some lovely friends of ours, sharing a fabulous, cozy meal and much needed encouragement.
S’s family got back into town, and we all drove up to the mountain on Saturday and had another Thanksgiving feast.

In the middle of Saturday’s festivities, S decided to go get a haircut: 20131201-164157.jpg


On our way back, we picked up Katie and brought her up to the mountain with us.

S and I were sitting on the floor talking, and Katie came up to S like this:



He looked at me like this:



And said, “What is she doing?!”

She wanted cuddles! He pet her a little, and then she came between us and cuddled with S:20131201-164215.jpg

Apparently this was an overall exhausting day for her. She slept all the way home.

I always move my feet to the side when she rides in the floorboard with me. That night, though, she curled up on my feet:
(Don’t you love her jacket? Santa left it for her under the tree last Christmas. She loves wearing it)20131201-164223.jpg

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