Secret Plans


Last week, I noticed a new entry in S and my shared calender:


Secret plans! Those are my favorite!

He wouldn’t start giving me clues until Thursday:
1) Dress warm
2) We’ve never done it before
3) I might want to take pictures

So, knowing nothing more than those three things, I got in the car on Friday evening.

First stop, to one of our favorite coffee shops for warm drinks – to go.



(S and I in front of the coffee wall)

Next, warm drinks in hand, we started walking.
We headed down to the river, where I noticed half the city seemed to be gathered. Vendors were selling cotton candy and glow sticks. We found a place to sit and this was the view:



A few minutes later, a boat parade began! All of these boats decked out in Christmas lights drove around.
I apologize that the pictures are less than spectacular, but it was really cute.




As the boat parade was making its last few laps, we headed back to the car and moved to the top of a parking garage – where we ignored this sign:



The conclusion of the boat parade was a firework show!



We stopped for a bite and some warmth at Five Guys:
(Because french fries are my love language) 20131201-163252.jpgWe finished the night watching Frozen in 3D.

I have to say, I knew absolutely nothing about the movie. I had seen the teaser trailer with the snowman and the reindeer on the frozen lake, but that was it. Turns out, it was a Disney Princess movie! I really enjoyed it.



(Somehow, our eye color looks the same in a lot of pictures…)

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