Gardening Win

Our gardening efforts have paid off! There are a lot of leafy greens to eat, and our landlords have let us eat some, since there’s so much of it. 20131124-165215.jpg



We were a little worried about our spinach, but it finally caught up:20131124-165223.jpg


I don’t know about the weather where y’all are, but it’s been dropping below freezing here. The cold weather finally took out the tomatoes and peppers. They croaked suddenly, and all the plants at once. 20131124-165247.jpg


(S clearing the last of the pepper plants; empty tomato beds)20131124-165255.jpg


Katie enjoying the excitement of not being in the house:20131124-165305.jpg


S surveying the garden and Katie giving her input (mostly that she should be pet):20131124-165313.jpg


While we juiced some of greens, S decided to pick his own salad. He went out and collected 4 different kinds of leafy greens. He was very proud to be eating his organic home-grown salad:20131124-165422.jpg


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