November 11 is exactly six months from our anniversary. So naturally we made our favorite dinner:


(Spaghetti; decanter and candles; gluten-free french bread with a garlic butter sauce)


(The spread)

20131117-184423.jpg(S grating asiago cheese onto his spaghetti)

It could be argued that it is cheesy and little stupid to celebrate a sixth month anniversary. I would probably even agree with you. But hear me out…

How often do you celebrate?
Is it just big events? Weddings, graduations, babies, house warming parties? If so, I personally think it would do you some good to celebrate things that may seem a little more mundane.

You see, when we celebrate, we are also choosing to be thankful.
We are thankful that we bought a new house, so we chose to celebrate. We are thankful that someone made it to another birthday, so we eat cake. We are thankful someone finally graduated college and can launch a new life, so we throw a party.
What about smaller things?

We were thankful that we had shared another half of year together. So we chose to celebrate. We cooked our favorite dinner, wore fancy clothes, and ate in our own kitchen. It cost nothing more than our usual dinner costs. We talked about how nice the last six months have been, shared happy memories, talked about what we’re looking forward to, expressed things we hope to change.
It was simple. It was a slow, quiet moment of sharing and appreciating one another.

When was the last time you celebrated something ‘little’?
Whether a personal victory or one you have accomplished with the help of others, it’s good to do something special.



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