Life Expectancy



Expectancy – noun
1. the quality or state of expecting; expectation; anticipatory belief or desire.



(A snow-covered Sweden – the view out the back door of the first house we lived in overseas.)


(Me in front of Buckingham Palace in London.)


Purple Hair

(Me with purple hair.)



(Me in a parachute, descending to the earth after skydiving.)



(Me crawling through a cave.)



(Me getting married in my mother’s wedding dress.)


What do all of these pictures have in common?

They were items on my Bucket List.

Living in the foreign country for at least a year.
Visiting London.
Dying part of my hair purple.
Wearing my mother’s wedding dress in my own wedding.
Silly, adventurous, or sentimental, these were things I had it in my heart to do.

What is in your heart?
We all have things we want to do, experiences we want to have.

January 1st is fast approaching. New Year’s Resolutions will be thought up and disregarded.
What if we did something different?
What if we stopped focusing on those 15 pounds we want to lose before bikini season, and started looking at the things are most important.

What is your life expectancy?
Not the number of years you will live, but the things you actually expect from your life.
What dreams have you brushed aside? What desires have you allowed to grow stale?

Let’s take a different approach as we look forward to 2014.

S shared a blog post with me last week on this very topic. It has been sitting in my brain ever since, the wheels quietly turning.
Chris Guillebeau writes a blog titled The Art of Non-Conformity. The post S showed me was about setting goals for the coming year.

It’s very detailed with step-by-step instructions for how to actually set and keep up with realistic goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year.
I found it interesting and inspiring, and I had to share my sentiments with you.

The blog post can be found here.
I highly recommend reading it and letting it sit. Mull it over. Ask yourself questions.
Ask yourself what’s most important. 

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