The Farmer’s Daughter

S, being the sweet and wonderful man that he is, tries really hard to take care of me. He knew I had a bad week (evidenced most noticeably in the spectacular amounts of junk food I consumed), and he planned a surprise for Sunday morning to cheer me up.

We got up early, got dressed, and left. I had no idea where we were going, but I always – always – drink coffee in the morning. S made it for me without saying anything and set it out.
We got in the car and started driving. We barely got out of the driveway, and, before I had a chance to drink any of it, S rolled down his window, took the lid off my travel mug, and dumped my coffee out the window.

(Don’t worry guys. He revealed later than he had re-brewed the K-cup in our Keurig, so no coffee was wasted in the making of this lovely morning.)

We pulled into a parking lot next to a tavern that we’ve been to a couple of times. A tavern that was definitely not open at 9am on Sunday. The building next to it had been empty.
Apparently, a little cafe had just opened in that empty building.

It was gorgeous!

It’s called The Farmer’s Daughter, and it’s my new favorite.



The walls are white, and there are very few decorations, making it seem clean and uncluttered.

An entire wall is made of garage doors with windows:


As you can see, there is also a lot of outdoor seating:


Due to an unfortunate event in the middle of my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week last week, I was looking for a new cafe. This one is my top choice.

Their menu features food from local farmers,  including their bacon and eggs, as well as produce. They have tried hard to promote local businesses with their own.
They also have really good coffee. 20131103-191353.jpg


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