Fall Colors and Dates We Never Went On

S and I were long distance for our entire premarital relationship.
We met in a 10-month internship in Austin, Texas. When it was over, S went back to Tennessee and I stayed in Texas. We talked on the phone a lot, but weren’t a couple. Six months after the internship ended, I moved to Sweden. Three months after I moved, we decided to become a couple. After thirteen months of dating, we got engaged. After thirteen months of engagement, we got married.

Only after we were married did we live in the same place.

It has made everything so much sweeter. I’ve found that we go on a lot of impromptu ‘dates’, since we are still ridiculously excited that we get to spend so much time together. It started our marriage in a sort of dating phase, where we want to go try everything (too bad we’re poor).

What starts as ‘Hey, bike over here and meet me. We can ride home together,’ ends in a lovely walk through downtown:


We’re I’m from, fall colors aren’t really a thing. I’ve been absolutely wide-eyed at all the trees!

(S and I and a fantastic tree)20131103-192436.jpg

I didn’t even know trees could be this red! It didn’t look real.



The color changes came on slowly, but have been nonetheless spectacular. 20131103-192522.jpg

(The bridge we were on when we saw the house on fire)20131103-192533.jpg

As the week went on, the colors have become dramatically brighter.

(Trees in our backyard)20131103-192543.jpg

Even the mountains look orange!





(S definitely pulled into a random driveway to let me get a picture of this amazing tree:)20131103-192636.jpg



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