Week Moments

1. Gardening

The fall vegetables are finally making some headway. In our desperation to see something – anything – grow, we planted more seeds than necessary. The result is some overcrowding, but better too many plants than too few!




2. Katie

Katie got to come out to the garden with us. Her favorite thing to do is bark at me.


3. Pretty Kitty

This little cutie is at S’s dad’s house. It’s beautiful orange and white, and exceptionally fluffy. It also has no tail! It’s mom was born without a tail, and some of her babies don’t have one either.


4. House on Fire

When S and I were walking around downtown one day, we saw this house on fire! We watched with a crowd as the firetrucks came. They must have gotten it under control pretty quickly, because the smoke was almost gone in a matter of minutes.


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