Fall Break

Last Monday, S and T had fall break, since they’re both in college. I did not have fall break, since I have a job that I work Monday-Friday. However, I was able to get half days both Monday and Tuesday, and S and I a fun and productive couple of days.

Tuesday afternoon, S and I met T at their dad’s house and went hiking on the mountain.
Fall is such a beautiful time of year, and I couldn’t resist taking a million pictures.



Fall colors.



S and T








S and I on a log, looking at who-know-what.20131027-174339.jpg


I thought this rock looked remarkably like a cat’s paw.20131027-174353.jpg


S enjoying the view20131027-174416.jpg


S says the orange is caused from metal deposits. 20131027-174440.jpg


T on a rock20131027-174456.jpg


Our turn around point. 20131027-174519.jpg

When we got back to their dad’s house, he had built a fire. We spent the remainder of the evening roasting marshmallows and sipping apple cider (or packaged hot chocolate if you’re not me and you’re into that sort of thing).


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