Hot Chocolate: Part II


My first cup of Tennessee hot chocolate was consumed in a coffee shop called Cadence Coffee.



(Sorry the picture is blurry. S was harassing me and I was laughing so hard I didn’t notice it was blurry until we had left.)



I don’t understand why whipped cream is an option. Do some people not get this?

Richness: 2  – not a bold flavor.
Creaminess: 3 – neither thin nor thick.
Whipped Cream: 5 – lemme tell you. Best. Whipped cream. Ever.
Overall Score: 10

The hot chocolate didn’t wow me, but it definitely wasn’t bad or disappointing – especially with that wonderful whipped cream!


My second stab at ideal hot chocolate was at Rembrandt’s.




She claimed she accidentally gave me ‘too much whipped cream’. I’m not really sure what ‘too much whipped cream’ even is. And is it just me or does the whipped cream pattern look like little roses clustered on top?

Richness: 3 – definitely more chocolaty than my cup at Cadence.
Creaminess: 3 – possibly a little thinner than at Cadence, but still not bad.
Whipped Cream: 4 – I almost gave them a 5 for the sheer amount, but that wouldn’t be fair. It was certainly not the same rich, heavy whipping cream used at Cadence.
Overall Score: 10

While the hot chocolate certainly didn’t knock my socks off, I do like the coffee there, so I picked up one of these at the register:


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