Pomegranates: A How-To

Pomegranates are my favorite fruit.
I look forward to them coming back in season all year long.
In fact, if you’re ever just sitting around thinking about how wonderful I am and how you’d love to get me a lovely autumn gift, pomegranates are the first choice.
(Okay. If we’re being honest here, that’s incorrect. Technically, red wine is first choice – regardless of season. A full-bodied cab, oaky, with a lot of tannin. Mmmm…)

Pomegranates are beautiful fruits, inside and out. But opening them up to get to the treasure inside can be difficult.

When I cut my first pomegranates of the season, S kindly agreed to take pictures. This is the simplest way I know to open them. 20131020-190756.jpg

1. Cut off the top – but just a little. You don’t want to lose any seeds.




When the top is off, it will look like the picture below.

As you can see, the seeds are clustered in natural sections. This one had 5 sections. Every pomegranate looks a little different inside.



2. In between each of the sections, carefully cut into the skin of the fruit. Don’t go deep, just lightly score it.





3. When the skin is cut, turn it over and place your thumbs in the middle of the open top. Pressing and pulling out, the fruit will open for you at its natural sections.




When it’s all been pulled apart, it will look like this:



4. The last part is simply to pull apart the membrane and gently scrape the seeds into a bowl.

I use a bowl full of water because, while the seeds sink, the white inner part of the pomegranate that is not eaten will float to the top, making it easier to remove.





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