The Vespers

Last week, I went to a concert for a band called The Vespers. They’re a folk band, and I quite enjoyed them. Seeing as I’m from Texas and currently reside in Tennessee, I think it’s safe to say that banjo appreciation is somehow in me.

The band is made up of a pair of sisters and a pair of brothers – but the two sets of siblings are not related to each other. They are extremely talented musicians. Perhaps it’s because I can’t play any instruments, but I’m rather impressed when people can play more than two instruments. This band of four played: the guitar, the electric guitar, the banjo, the mandolin, the ukulele, the drums, two different kinds of tambourines, and the standing bass. They all kept switching instruments through their whole performance.

We got to the venue an hour before the doors were open. Walking around, we saw this:20131020-190504.jpg

No, look closer:


This guy was the opener! We heard him practicing in the alleyway.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of him playing. He had an interesting sound that reminded me a lot of the band Iron and Wine.

Then The Vespers got on stage.
(I swear the guy all the way to the right looks like he wandered accidentally out of Duck Dynasty.)

I had never heard them before, save for one song I listened to the night before the concert on Youtube.
Even knowing absolutely none of their music, I really liked the show. They had a lot of energy on stage, and it was obvious how much they enjoyed what they do.



Before the show, S’s sister snapped this picture of me outside the venue (it was purposely framed so that my head was out of the shot). 20131020-190554.jpg

The day after the concert, there was still remnants of the sharpie smiley face they drew on my hand at the door.


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