Week Moments

1. Harry Potter

As you may or (more likely) may not know, the Harry Potter books recently got a face-lift. I saw a set in a bookstore, and was pleased to see that the spines created a picture of Hogwarts.


2. Humble Beginnings

We’ve had a tough time getting the fall plants to grow. After 3 time planting seeds, we finally got some sprouts. I got a picture when they were tiny sprouts. They’re already much bigger now.




3. Tennessee Wildlife

Driving up the mountain to S’s dad’s house has led to some fascinating animal sightings. Once, we saw a bobcat! It was gone so quickly I couldn’t get a picture, but it was lovely.

When we drove up on Sunday, we saw this little guy. S stopped all traffic on the road so I could get this picture.



4. City Wanderings

Do you ever take the time to appreciate the city you live in? When I moved to Sweden, I spend 2 years taking pictures of everything, everywhere I went. I learned to appreciate the uniqueness of different places – the architecture, the culture, the feel of the city.

Here are some photos of my current city:







2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    The HP facelift was all rounded. They were clever to make the spines connect.

  2. aspenlinmer says:

    I had no idea the spines of the new HP books made a picture like that! So cool!


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