Week Moments

1. Caramel Apples

I ate my first caramel apples of the season last week!

In other news, S learned last week that bribing me with food is a mutually successful endeavor.
I’m not even mad.


2. Katie

Katie has never been allowed to garden with us. Mostly because it’s been hot outside, and those of you with dogs know: a dog in the heat is a smelly dog later.
Smelly dogs are not S’s favorite…

However! The weather has been cooling off and S finally let me bring Katie to the hoop house with us. Yay!

The only problem was that the beds are not to be stepped in. But to a dog, ground is ground, dirt is dirt, and a dirt ground with wood around it is just as good as grass.
Poor Katie was extremely confused as to why she kept getting in trouble. I snapped this picture of her sitting on the other side of a bed, unsure of how to get to where I was without crossing the bed.


3. Weeds

I don’t even care that some flowers are weeds. They’re still pretty and still make me happy.


4. Leaves

Fall colors are moving in, coming down from the tops of the surrounding mountains.

One tree in our yard is already dropping its leaves. They’re so beautiful! They look like they’ve been painted.


5. Little Friend

I’m always excited to find unexpected wildlife. I ran into this guy in the hoop house.

His name is Frank.


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  1. anncanhelp says:

    Week moments is a great title for a blog…..thanks for sharing.

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