Week Moments

1. S’s Allergies

S has asthma. Before he started riding his bike everywhere, I made him go to the doctor to get it checked out. He takes some medicine for it now, which has helped a lot, but his doctor wanted him to get tested for allergies. 

If you haven’t been tested for allergies, it’s not a fun experience. You sit in a doctor’s office and they poke you with a bunch a needles and then write down how badly your skin reacted. 

Well, S got his results back, and I may or may not have laughed a little. Check it out:20131006-190509.jpg


He’s allergic to gerbils
I didn’t even know that was an allergy. Ha!


2. The Ugliest Furniture Game

Being poor and newly married means receiving a lot of donations. While it is very generous of others to give us things, and we certainly appreciate them, I have created a new game. It’s called, the Ugliest Furniture Game. In this game, furniture is judged solely on its appearance, and S and I get to debate which is the ugliest. 

Last week added a new contestant, and my top choice for the Ugliest Furniture:



Highly useful, but not very pretty. 


3. Tea Time

While S is in school, several nights of the week see us up late, sitting on the couch, S working on his homework, and me doing…something else. 

Anyway, S brought in a tray for some midnight tea. 




4. Orchids

As I mentioned before, I work for a florist. We carry some potted orchids every now and then, and I think they’re lovely. When they drop a bloom (which isn’t so often, since they are usually sold pretty quickly), I keep it, dry it, and sit it on my desk. 

Last week I got to add a new buddy to my collection. 




5. Flowers

As you might be gathering, I really, really enjoy flowers. S and I were walking back from the garden last week and stumbled upon these little beauties:


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