The Gardening Store

I find plant stores fascinating. In high school, I worked for a florist during my junior year. I also worked at a plant nursery for a while. I currently work for a florist again.

I am namely interested in the colors and creativity. Bouquets, landscaping, centerpieces, succulents – it’s a kind of design and artwork that I find endlessly beautiful.

This week, S and I had to go to a gardening store to pick up some supplies for our garden.



We were immediately greeted by a pumpkin display, and I was instantly excited.

Look how cute they all are! And with the fall mums!
(S was not as impressed as I was. )

We went inside, and headed toward the seeds. I’ll admit, I stopped and stared at this display for a while:



So. Much. Color.

While S did the important decision-making, I wandered the shop and admired their lovely displays.

Do you ever just wish you had a talent? I think interior design and rustic garden-plant-succulent-flower-making-stuff should be some of mine. Currently, I have quiet interest and no clue what to do.



(Succulents in the sunshine)



(I enjoy knowing the names of the plants in this picture)



(Who doesn’t love fairy houses? They’re so little! I’ve considered adding to my bucket list the creation of a fairy city. But where to keep it…)



(I’m not sure why, but this little wooden shelf with its colored pots made me happy)



(More succulents! They’re so beautiful and strange-looking. I think they are the cute, fat babies of the plant world.)

20131006-185146.jpg(I find peppers visually stimulating. They are such a bright pop of color and a different texture. Someday, I will have pots and pots of succulents and ornamental peppers.)


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