Our Place

We live in a two-bedroom basement apartment. It’s our first home. Neither of us had moved out of parents’ houses until we moved in here. So, naturally, it’s perfect and omg and all of that.



(Our kitchen table. Fresh flowers, candles – mostly for spaghetti dinners, and a basket for our cloth napkins)

I love living here. I’ll admit, I’m not super passionate about interior decorating. I actually have no idea what I’m doing. S helps a lot with the look and feel, mostly because he picked out the apartment and most of the furniture while I was still living in Texas. I had not laid eyes on this place until I was married and moving in.



(Aprons hand-made by my great-grandmother before she passed away)

Apartment pros and cons:

Mud room
Clothesline (hey, I hang-dry all my pants, people. I am very tall and I can’t afford for my pants to be shrinking on me.)
No windows in the bedroom
Wood floors
Working heating and a/c (Europeans don’t believe in central heating and a/c. I no longer take it for granted)
Full kitchen
Full bathroom
Full-length mirror sliding closet doors
High shower head (again with tall people problems)

No dishwasher
No bathtub (just a shower stall)

Those are my two main complaints.
We’re pretty happy here.


(S calls this our ‘illumination corner’)



(My yarn drawer. But don’t worry. It’s only most of my yarn. I’ve got options.)



(The beautiful typewriter S gave me for Christmas last year)



(Our blue couch, complete with two blankets I’ve crocheted resting on top)



(Our bed, and S’s favorite painting. Even he isn’t so sure what’s so spectacular about the painting, but there it hangs.)

20130929-185913.jpg(S had this robe custom made for me – complete with my new initials monogrammed onto it – as a wedding gift. It’s so pretty and I wear it so often that I let it hang there all the time)


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