Week Moments





Every week is full of unexpected things. Some are lovely little surprises, while other things are less than welcome. Last week, I snapped some pictures of things that can’t sustain an entire blog post individually, but together can give a peek into my life.


1) S came home from the grocery store one day and unloaded groceries.
S: Hey I bought this marshmallow stuff. (He hold up a giant jar of marshmallow cream)
Me: That is a HUGE jar! How many ounces is it?
S: 16.
Me: Normal jars are only 7 ounces. What did you buy it for?
S: Well. You know. Just in case you…..wanted to use it….
Me: For what?
S: I don’t know. Stuff. Here, I’ll put it in the pantry right here.


A couple of busy days later, I open the freezer door and see this:



All that cookie dough was certainly not on the grocery list… Neither was the marshmallow cream…. Then it hits me. 
Me: Honey, did you want me to make you some everything-but-the-kitchen-sink bars?
S: Well, I mean, we have all the stuff for it…. But…. You don’t have to…..

(I made him the dessert).


2) As I mentioned in my last post, the weather is starting to get a little cooler. Last week was the final week in September. I decided it was time to pack up my decidedly summer clothes, and unpack my decidedly winter clothes.

Unfortunately, winter clothes are bigger than summer clothes, and thus take up more room. I also happen to have quite a lot of winter clothes so that I could survive the harsh Swedish winters (I layered everything. Even my socks). I was home alone, and already not feeling well that well, so the result was a good old fashioned meltdown. 
S came home for lunch.
S: How’s your day going?
S: Uh, why not?
S: What are you talking about?
S: Let me just go look in there….
What he saw, with my dresser drawers hanging open and everything:



(The bed was stripped because I was also doing laundry, so it looks an even worse mess than it was.)

He kindly made a few suggestions, and, all in all, my winter stuff is put away and I did not have to burn down the room, or anything that was in it. 


3) Due to winter wardrobe meltdowns, work stress, and general niceness, S surprised me on three different occasions with some of my favorite candies:



4) Katie had a mostly normal week, except that the door to the mud room didn’t get completely closed when we left one day, so she got out into the house while we were gone. Katie is a great dog, but she is living with different rules now. I have never minded her getting on the furniture. S, on the other hand, can’t stand the thought of her sitting where he sits. When we are home, she keeps off the furniture. When we leave, however, she jumps on the couch. 
This is exactly what she did when the mud room door didn’t close all the way. 



(But really, who can mad at this face?)


5) While driving around, I wound up at a stop light behind this truck. Check out the bumper sticker:



6) We discovered this knife stuck in the fence a couple of days ago. We have no idea why it’s there. My theory is that it was laying in the yard, perhaps, and someone picked it up and stuck it in the fence so that no one would step on it? 

In any case, it probably makes us look like crazy people, which I’m okay with. STAY AWAY, BAD GUYS. WE HAVE SO MANY KNIVES, WE EVEN STICK THEM IN THE FENCE.


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