My Sister’s Zoo

My sister and her husband like animals – perhaps more than your average person. While I was visiting, I got to catch up with all her pets.

The Normal Animals:

The day I came to her house, one of my sister’s dogs gave birth to 10 puppies! Here are two of them, fresh into the world:20130922-183722.jpg

Their dogs are both females. The brown one was the one that just had puppies. Their names are Diva and Fedora.


They also have two cats. The gray cat is extremely friendly, while the black one is more shy. Their names are Jasmine and Lucky.20130922-183745.jpg

The Unconventional Pets:

These adorable little guys are sugar gliders. They are nocturnal, tiny, and softer than angel feathers steeped in hugs and well wishes. They have two, both girls. Their names are Chuca and Mia. They were a little grumpy at being woken up, but perked up when we gave them treats – almond slivers and yogurt drops.20130922-183755.jpg

My brother-in-law really loves fish. He has two aquariums, one of which is enormous.

In The Big Tank:20130922-183803.jpg


In the Little Tank:

This guy is in his own tank. He is a mantis shrimp, and you seriously need to click here and read about him because he is the most ridiculous animal. The link will explain to you why these shrimps are ‘Genghis Khan bathed in sherbet ice cream’.
He really likes his pipe, and will back up into it if you get too close to the glass. His name is Chuck Norris. 20130922-183819.jpg

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