There’s Nothing Like Family


There is nothing like returning to the area you think of as home.

I had a wonderful week visiting with family.


(My mother’s bonsai tree)

I have two siblings. My sister is 2 years younger than me. She is married, finishing her degree, working at her church, and teaches piano lessons. My brother is 11 years younger than me. He is very musical, aided greatly by my sister.
He is also kind of hilarious.


(My parents’ working cuckoo clock, which they bought in Germany while we were living overseas)

Here are just a couple of things he said while I was staying there:

(Mom, my brother, and I were looking through the memory box. My mother pulls out pictures of her at her job at a bank that were featured in the local newspaper)
Mom: Here’s another picture of me at the bank.
Brother: Did you rob it?

Brother: Do you have to go back to Tennessee, or can you stay here?
Me: Yes, I have to go home. I’m married now, and S is waiting for me.
Brother: Why can’t you move down here?
Me: S is in college.
Brother: He can move down here and do home school college with Mom!

(My sister was over at my parents house. We made cups of coffee and were looking for a place to sit. My brother is quietly playing with his toy cars, clearly wanting to be where we are.)
Me: Let’s take our coffee outside to be back porch.
Brother (speaking to the empty living room): I knew it! These cars would work much better outside.


(My parents’ fireplace)


(A magical box)


(My mother loves flowers. The fluffy crazy-looking ones were her favorite)


(In the mornings, I like to make my mom and I really healthy drink. In each mug, squeeze half of lemon’s juice, steep some green tea, and add some honey. Delicious!)


(Their back porch is one of my favorite parts of their house)


(I love how the top of the door is curved!)


(The music room)


(Wool-eater blankets I crocheted)


One night, as my sister was leaving, she spotted a tree frog hanging out on the garage door:


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