The Life of Katie

I know you have met Katie before, but just to remind you of how absolutely adorable she is:20130922-181735.jpg

Katie is my baby.

She is a miniature schnauzer. She weighs about 14 pounds. She doesn’t mind swimming on a hot day. She turned 10 years old this August, but she doesn’t know – she still acts like a puppy most of the time. She has had a pretty healthy life, apart from some seasonal allergies that make her itchy in the summer. Her favorite things are riding in the car, her bed, and any time she has her leash on (adventure!). She doesn’t have her ears cropped, which is traditional for schnauzers, yet her ears stand straight up. She’s been compared to Yoda because of this, but mostly she’s just the cutest dog on the planet.

As you can tell from the pictures I’ve posted of her, Katie is pretty expressive for a dog. She’s mostly happy and alert. If she knows she’s in trouble, or she’s done something wrong, she lowers her whole body and puts her ears back. When she’s been sick in the house, she comes and tells me – ears back and looking very sorry indeed. When I come home from work, she jumps in circles and runs around.

S is not an animal person. Growing up, all the animals in his life were outside pets that he never really bonded with. The thought that a dog can have a personality is a little foreign to him.

S and Katie don’t exactly get along.
They patiently tolerate one another, but they aren’t really friends.

While I was in Texas for a week, I asked S to send me a picture of Katie. This is what I got:



Looks a little upset, doesn’t she? Poor Katie.

S was nice to her and took good care of her while I was gone, but they just don’t have the bond that Katie has with me.

She was very glad to see me when S came to pick me up at the airport:



(I didn’t even notice that Katie and I were making the same face until after the picture had been taken! She likes to look at me upside down)


(Happy Katie!)

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  1. Gigi McGuire says:

    She is adorable! =)

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