Cinnamon Broom

Have you heard of a cinnamon broom?

If you haven’t, it’s okay – I only recent learned of their existence.

The other day, when S brought me home some surprises, I failed to mention one. This is because I hadn’t discovered it at the time I wrote the post.

I got in my car to go to work, and my car smelled like cinnamon, similar to red hot candies. I could not figure it out. I looked in my door, in the center console, in the backseat, and on the rear-view mirror, (all while driving of course), but I didn’t see anything.

When I got to work, I parked, got out, and opened the back door, determined to look under my seat.

This is what I saw:


I texted S to ask him why there was a Nimbus 2000 under my seat.
He explained that it was a cinnamon broom, used for fragrance.

It’s not exactly small:


But it smells so lovely.

Behind The Scenes:

I went outside to take a picture of the cinnamon broom in my car. My dog, Katie, wanted to come, so I let her out with me.
Katie loves riding in the car. So when I opened the door, she jumped right in:20130912-144215.jpg(She’s a miniature schnauzer with a bad haircut that I gave her. Isn’t she adorable?)

She was so excited to be in the car, I took her for a ride.
Up the driveway.
To the mailbox.

She was thrilled.

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