We all know that S likes to bicycle. Another of his hobbies is making things grow. Apart from the hoop house and the gardening work we do for the landlords, S has some other plants growing:


(Strawberry plants. I got to eat some strawberries from them this summer)


(Parsley and thyme growing in the kitchen window)

Other than writing, my main hobby is crochet. I greatly enjoy making blankets, especially. However, it seems that I can’t ever completely finish a project when I’m making it for myself. I’ve made several blankets as Christmas presents, but when I’m making it for me, I tend to lose steam.

Here are some projects I’m in the middle of:


A lap blanket for myself. It’s really much smaller than it looks. Originally, I wanted to make four panels of the same size and sew them together. I really like the stitch, but, so far, I’ve only got the one panel.



This is a shawl I’ve been working on for a year and a half. I’ve been making up the pattern as I went along. I have all the yarn to finish it, I just… haven’t.

20130908-171419.jpgThis mesmerizing beauty is my wool-eater blanket. When S and I were dating, I made him a big blanket in these same colors. It was a chevron pattern, and it turned out beautiful. I wanted a his and hers set, and I’ve gotten pretty far on this, but it’s still not finished.

I’ve noticed that I crochet more in the winter time. Hopefully when the weather starts to cool off, I’ll have a burst of motivation. If only I could stop committing to making Christmas presents….


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  1. lovelucie1 says:

    Love that shawl. So unique.

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