Living in Tennessee with S’s family while my family remains in Texas, has given me the opportunity to absorb some of S’s family culture. One beautiful tradition of theirs that I have come to look forward to, is Sunday Lunches.

Every Sunday, S’s dad hosts lunch at his house on top of a mountain. Whichever family members can make it will drive up for it, and sometimes friends will join us as well. It’s a nice way to keep up with everyone, and also to eat some delicious food.

Being around someone’s family teaches you a lot about a person. Spending so much time with S’s family has really helped me to understand part of why he is the way he is. S’s family – my new family – are wonderful people. I’m really glad to live here with them.


(Baskets and cast iron skillets hanging from the rafters in the kitchen)


(A quilt hanging on the wall in the living room)


(Another quilt on the wall of the living room)


(A millstone in the wall above the fireplace. In the winter, they keep wood burning in it to heat the house)


(The wood pile)

20130908-170947.jpg(S’s father’s work table outside)


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