The end of last week was a little rough for me. On top of some stressful situations beyond my control, S and I had opposite schedules. I left for work early in the morning, before he was even awake, and was asleep before he got off work late at night.

S knew I had been having some bad days, and Saturday night he told me to take a nap so I could be awake when he got home at 11:30 from work. He had some surprises for me.

I. Love. Surprises.

They make me antsy with anticipation, but I don’t even try to figure them out because I just love not knowing.

S brought home three lovely surprises:20130908-171246.jpg

(Gorgeous stargazer lilies – one of my favorite flowers! They have freckles and that makes me happy.)


(This gelato is gluten free and absolutely to die for)

20130908-171301.jpg(Interestingly enough, I had been wanting some GF chocolate chip cookie dough, but I hadn’t told S. He read my mind! I have a dessert I want to make that uses this as a crust. I’ll post the recipe for it next week.)

We stayed up until 3am on Saturday, talking, laughing, catching up from the week, and eating gelato. It was lovely and just what I needed.


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