Fall Gardening

The hoop house is in a state of transition:


((Right side of the hoop house, with some crazy tomatoes still producing in the middle)20130908-170431.jpg

(S and the left side of the hoop house. Tomatoes in the middle, and some peppers are still producing some on the bed all the way on the left)


This weekend, S and I worked in the hoop house. Old plants had to be pulled up. The beds needed to be weeded and hoed, and, since the first round of planting didn’t really take, we replanted. We put in spinach, kale, lettuce, and broccoli.

Pretty much every time I enter the hoop house, I have an overwhelming sense of ‘I have NO IDEA what I’m doing’. Luckily, S knows what’s going on…


(S hoeing up one of the beds)


(S planting broccoli)


(My spinach planting experience. The bottom right picture is the finished bed. You can see 4 rows with the soaker hoses.)20130908-170638.jpg

(The hoop house is designed to keep in heat. Here you can see the temperature inside the hoop house, and what my phone says is the temperature outside)

20130908-170651.jpg(S’s gloves and some seed packets)


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