Labor Day

Hello again!

I finally recovered from cheating death, and even managed to make the family trip up to Kentucky over labor day weekend.

S’s extended family – both his mother’s side and his father’s side – are from Kentucky. So every holiday, S’s family makes the 4 hour drive from Tennessee to Kentucky to visit relatives.


(S’s grandparent’s backyard)

I may have mentioned previously that S is a fabulous gardener. Well it’s safe to say that gardening is in his genes:


(Blackberry vines, without thorns. Apparently this is their first year, so they didn’t have a harvest this year.)


(A lovely tractor)


(Okra plants! Theirs grew exceptionally taller than ours.)


(Okra waiting to be picked)


(S’s grandfather is in his 80’s and still does all this gardening. Here he is picking radishes)


(Sweet potato plants)



20130902-135409.jpg(S and two of his brothers bringing in watermelons)


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