Beautiful Food

WARNING: Do not read this post if you are hungry!

In my opinion, there are more than 5 love languages. There are at least 6, and the 6th one is FOOD.


(Homemade rice crispie treats)

You ever notice how you can freak someone out or calm them down simply by putting certain foods in front of them?
Have you ever noticed how you react to eating certain foods?


(Pesto pizza – one of my newer favorites)

It’s pretty amazing how much food affects us.
Have you ever thought about it?

What are your comfort foods?
What are your favorite foods? (some of mine are pictured here)
What foods are offensive to you? (ooh mango, right here. UGH.)

(Gluten-free oatmeal with butter, cinnamon, and fresh blueberries)

I’m pretty positive that our diet affects us more than we could ever fully comprehend.


(Not to brag or anything, but this is breakfast in bed S served to me one morning. Gluten-free pancakes!)

Food is beautiful, but it can also be dangerous.

20130811-164525.jpg(Chopped chocolate, waiting to be made into chocolate souffle’s)

What are you eating?

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