Farmer’s Markets

One thing I’ve noticed about where we live in Tennessee is that there are a lot of farmer’s markets. Where I’m from in Texas, there weren’t as many farmer’s markets – or, at least, I didn’t notice them. Occasionally I would drive past a man selling fruit from the back of his pick up truck, or even a little stand set up beneath a tent on the side of the road. However, it would seem that Tennesseans are quite serious about their farmer’s markets.

(All pictures are from the Corner Market)20130811-162626.jpg(One of our favorite farmer’s markets)

S and I like to shop at farmer’s markets. Not only have we found that the prices are better for some produce, but we are also supporting local farmers. Another perk of eating locally-grown food, is that it has a higher nutritional value. When you buy from a local farmer’s market, there is a shorter time between when the food was picked, and when you eat it. Food that has been imported has been sitting in trucks and distribution centers before it even arrives at your store, which greatly increases the chances of decreased nutritional value.


(Inside the Corner Market: potatoes, onions, apples, grapes, bananas, squash, zucchini, corn, peaches, and more)


(Mountains of fresh tomatoes – one of S’s favorite foods)


(Jars of jelly and honey)

Did you know that eating local honey can improve your allergies?

20130811-162725.jpg(How cute is that sign?)

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  1. Wildcard356 says:

    Worms. I sold worms one summer. I didn’t sell many but it was an interesting experience.

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