Living Rich

The other day, my husband and I were talking, and I asked “Why don’t we do that?”

He answered with a laugh, “Because we’re poor.”

“No we’re not!” I said, laughing with him at the joke.

“Uh, yes we are. With our combined income, we live below poverty level.”

I thought for moment about our life together. “Well I don’t feel poor!” I told him.

And it’s true.

No, we don’t go shopping. No, we don’t eat out. Yes, nearly everything we do that isn’t paying bills costs us $10 or less. I know this.
But I never thought of it as being poor. I thought of it as a lifestyle choice.

I lived with my parents (who are not poor) until I got married. Yet I never felt a difference in my quality of living after I got married.

My husband and I both work part time, and neither of us makes even $10 an hour. My husband is a full time student, and I am attempting to begin my career as a writer.

We are poor because we are chasing our dreams. 

And we believe in ourselves enough to make sacrifices. We are happy because of what we have chosen to value. The fact that I don’t feel poor has no connection to money we do or don’t make – it’s because we live such rich, beautiful lives.
We have chosen to value dreams and relationships and adventures and being healthy.

When I realized all of this, in a laughing instant, I knew what I wanted to blog about: Living Rich.
This blog is a treasure chest, each post a jewel, a crown, a gold coin.
I hope it helps you find riches of your own.

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  1. BKayC:) says:

    Perspective and Priorities! This is a well written reminder to enjoy the phase of life you’re in without wishing for the next big thing. Thanks for sharing!

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